Saturday, April 12, 2014

Never enough time ... and an API for Fog

My goal is to blog at LEAST once a month. I missed March and I'm sorry to anyone that tries to get anything useful out of this blog. There is never enough time! I'll try harder.

Anyhow, COMPLETELY unrelated at the moment to security and on the topic of system administration, I am a huge fan of the FOG Project which is a free computer cloning solution. Think of Norton Ghost. However, I personally like this much better!

There is one issue (which is the reason for this blog post) that I have with FOG. They only have a web UI interface. This makes it a pain for automating tasks. So, I started making my first Python API for public consumption. I announced it on the FOG forum here:

and the python code is here:

Even though there is not a lot of functionality, I'm doing my best to keep this API professional and clean so that I can continue developing it and it benefits the FOG user community. This is my little way of giving back to their awesome project.

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